For hire?

There is a time when you want to switch sides. I’m moving to Berlin soon, though not as a startupper this time. Davide meets the meat market. Contact me for an up-to-date résumé. Don’t know much about me? I’m a computer engineer, a knowledgeable long time pythonista, an experienced full-stack developer, a data nerd, and a few other labels that serve the purpose of saying that I have studied, worked and hacked in a number of fields. I have a full beard, and I heard that gurus with a beard deserve their authority role. That must explain why people ask me for advice, even when I hold rather unorthodox views.

Talking about unorthodoxy, I have a secret side project. I want to explore the emotional ramifications of the engineers and coders jobs. What it takes, emotionally, to be one that achieves their results by thinking and planning. What is the link between our problem solving attitude, the fun we find in it, and our primal mind. And what makes it more or less stressful. Most importantly to me, how this concerns human connection, communication, relationships, and love. Working as an engineer seems to be the opposite of loving human connection. Our work is depicted as cold, which might be true to a large extent. What does it mean for a warm human being, with all their needs and emotional world. I have a few answers, and as someone who cares about the emotional side of the world I want to know more.

I’m for hire. This means I’m going to start a new relationship with you, or your team, or some other team. I’m going to be part of the emotional daily world of someone. This is one of the oft-forgotten meanings of “working together”. I’m trained as a nonviolent communicator, meaning that I want to experience empathy and care for one’s needs even when I meet competition and hostility, or coldness and detachment, and break the getting mad cycle. This is pretty much what it means for me to work for someone: we have needs, we have a strategy to meet them (the project and the compensation), and we take care of those. With my uberpowered engineering skills and my work experience, if this is what it takes.

Hello meat market!

Update: yes, I met the meat market. I’m now working for a very promising company based in Berlin.