Metwit is no longer. Metwit was an adventure.


My most important startup experience was a social weather service. At a time when a social networking startup still was a cool thing, we decided to build a service over the most talked about topic ever. It was pretty cool. Many weather services are using similar concepts nowadays. User local weather reporting, user shared media, rich weather maps. It was a number of things, a plethora of fast moving experiments built over the years by a passionate team.

Screenshot from Metwit for iOS app showing a weather map with reports and media uploaded by the service users.
Screenshot from Metwit for iOS app
Screenshot from Metwit for iOS app

It also was a platform, when it was still cool, or even before that. A scarce number of developers built applications on Metwit API. A scarce number of weather scientists gathered data from Metwit. A scarcer number of people knew this was happening. Because growing a business can go wrong in many ways, and we now have hands-on experience of a significant number of those.

Metwit platform

Weather API in a can

In the end, weather has been stormy all the way.

Stormy weather icon

If you are looking for more information on Metwit, contact me. I’m much nicer than that angry storm cloud.